Crossing the Arch the Second Time

I was walking outside the Engineering Building after confirming and reserving my slot as a student in UST. I was clueless, innocent, and naive just as the leaves rustle through the sidewalk. Continue reading


Blending School and LifeGroup

Studying and Bible study? I might get burned.

Well if I am a connoisseur, I’d say the two are perfect partners for a delectable success! Sure you’ll be exposed to fire but you’ll be roasted just enough to golden brown topped with the freshest and finest spices you’ll ever find in the world that would guarantee your best flavor until you are ready to be served for other people’s benefit.

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What to Expect When You Choose Electronics Engineering?

I had the slightest idea what electronics engineering is when I was choosing my course back when I was in fourth year high school. I was just passionate and eager to become an engineer someday because I want to be like my father, a civil engineer by profession and by heart. But I chose electronics engineering instead, maybe just for a change and that decision is continuously surprising me until today. Continue reading